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Osriel Topographic Map
Welcome to the Republic of Osriel!

After our long sojourn through the Emirates of Narwan, we now find ourselves to the north, in neighbouring Osriel — a land of free trade and freedom of religion, where the currencies and faiths of the Great Caldera come together in a melting pot.

Known historically as the Dawn Wilds, this was one of the last regions of the Caldera to be settled, and as such it was fought over by all of the major players.  During the course of this conflict, the rival gods backing each faction brought in settlers from the Vortex, mixing them with their own followers, which resulted in the mix of European-like cultures in the present age.

Each province is claimed by a different group of Vortex survivors, together with their largely assimilated Calidaran brethren.  You can guess the local culture from the language visible in place names on this map.

Although it's finished for now, I will be returning to this map at a later date when Bruce has the time to provide some more additions.  For now, he is busy with the imminent launch of Calidar's third Kickstarter campaign, for the third major book: Dreams of Aerie .  (The link leads to the preview page — note that it's not scheduled to go live until 14th June.)

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for additions, let me know in the comments below.  I'd also love to hear some feedback, particularly about the provincial borders (which are the same as those on Narwan's topographical map, but don't seem to work very well here), and the new map border (which I had fun playing with).

Finally, a word about the size of this map...  It's at the same scale as Narwan's map, so the print size I've aimed for is a bit bigger: roughly 20" x 16".  I chose this size because it is available at, which I have been using to print maps.  It's also easily croppable to B3, which is a size available at Japanese print shops.  And I've planned it so that it should be able to fit 18" x 12" with insets for the extreme northwest and southeast corners.

I will post some or all of these size variations as and when I need them for printing.

As always, thanks for your support!  Onwards and upwards...  Or perhaps, northwards...?