OSW Update (17 Feb!)

Hey brahs & bras! 

Here's what's going down in groovestown!

• The Golden Noggers will be released next weekend! We recorded it mid-December but our original editor's macbook bricked, so we had to find another (Chris from Reload Last Save, who does phenomenal work!). I've gotten the first pass of it back, so after another pass and then final editing it'll be done! It clocks in around 45 minutes and covers our 2016 videos.

• In general I’ve been spending less time on Social Media; partly because I spend too much time on it, but mostly because of Trump/Brexit etc, I’m constantly bombarded with negative news and negative opinions on said news. I have no interest in politics (only backstage :) ) and the last few months have been fucking horrific. Anywoo, although I’ll still check FB & twitter, leaving a comment here, or PM’ing me on Patreon is the fastest way to get in touch!

• I'm making, wrapping and sending the last of the What Bars, after that I'll be sending out the membership cards! It’s tough doing it all myself but I hope you’ll feel the love opening the package/envelope :)

•  YouTube seems to have settled down, and I'll be uploading the most recent episodes there. You can view all of our episodes available on YT at YouTube.OSWreview.com. And of course everything's still on the website!

• Towards the end of the month we'll be recording the first ep of the new arc, so we'll lock down which PPVs we're covering then and announce it. Looking to record new Super OSW 64 and NoggerU Film reviews around that; and I'm working on NoggerU Merch & a new t-shart design for WrestleCon. Any other Qs just ask 'em below! 

It's all very exciting stuff! Thank you so much for allowing me to work on OSW, it's my favourite thing! Anywoo, back to editing!


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