OSW Update (Feb 6th!)

Hey brahs and bras! 

Here's an update on what's a-happenin' with OSW this month!

• BRUCIE BONUS! On Thursday night, myself and V1 recorded a Royal Rumble 2017 review! I've been feverishly editing it since. (The gaps are where splicey goes!) Here's a breakdown of the progress:

MONDAY Jan 30th: Watch Rumble with OOC and take notes

TUESDAY: Watch/Re-watch parts of the Rumble, turn notes into a script

WEDNESDAY: Gathered 100+ pieces of splicey

THURSDAY: More splicey (AM) Record show (PM)

FRIDAY: Audio Edit 1st Pass

SATURDAY: Audio Edit 2nd Pass

SUNDAY: Edit A-Roll (main PPV)

MONDAY: Editing B-Roll


(X) Edit Side A B-Roll 

• (CURRENT) Edit Side B B-Roll -> create M1 ('mark 1'/first draft of the episode) I've edited the main picture to show what editing side A looks like now. (Here's the original pic I put up)

• Watch, take notes, make changes-> M2

• Watch, take notes, make changes -> M3 & Release!

So I'm hoping to have the show released Thursday night! I'll be updating this post with progress. Can't wait for you guys to see it!

After that:

• I'll be working on getting the rest of the What Bars and NoggerU cards out!

• We'll make a decision on what new story arc to do and recording the first PPV!

•  Golden Noggers! (Forgot to mention this!) Bad news: My editor's macbook bricked and nothing's salvageable. It sucks so bad as I'm basically back to where we were mid-December. Good news: I've gotten another editor on board who's currently editing it :) I can't edit animation myself as it's beyond my capability. We'll see where we are in 2 weeks; if this falls through, I'll just release it as audio-only.

• I'm also looking for fit in the next NoggerU film reviews in somewhere and maybe Super OSW Level 12!

• I'm currently designing a new t-shart for our WrestleCon panel!

Alrighty! Back to editing! See ya in the funny pages!