The Oswald Chronicles: Painted color & FX work 03
JD Calderon is writing an epic story about an enigmatic mouse. The mouse, Oswald, is having some grand adventures in the real world and in the worlds of Dream. I am lucky enough to be painting the color and special effects in this beautiful fantasy tale. The drawings, inks and shading are by Jade González. This page I had started recording before I flat filled the page, so you'll get to see the whole process from start to finish.

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✅ WIP image is at 582 x 900

✅ HD image is at 1941 x 3000 px

✅ RAW PSD is at 3091 x 2000 px

✅ Time-Lapse Video process

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You can also find the creator and artist on twitter @ their respective accounts

Creator & Writer @JDC_ONE - twitter

Artist @jade_gl - twitter

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