Otakon 2015 Workshops & Panels!
Otakon is around the corner, in late July, so Kevin and Sarah can officially announce that we have 5 workshops and panels this year! While we were not able to secure an artist alley table or a dealer's space this year, we were determined to participate and see as many folks as possible at our hometown show! Look for us this year speaking on fun topics like: Kevin Bolk's "THE ART OF CUTE" Sarah's "ARTIST ALLEY 101/201 Combined: Art of Srs Art Business" Sarah's "Mangaka Dream: Comics Publishing in the USA" Sarah's "AIEee! Horror Manga of the 20th Century" Sarah's "BWAAH! MAXIMUM MANLY MEGA-MANGA: Seinen Explosion!" Promise to post a link when the schedule goes live. Right now, though, we're pulling together illustrations and power points--both of which will be the backbone of future videos. We love talking about these things, but we want to be able to share them with con-goers AND more distant friends! :D