Other ways to support my dumb ass
What a mess all this Patreon stuff is! I just want a place to share stuff I can't or don't want to share widely yet, and offer downloadables. Like a little secret club! What's extra super bullshit is that in 2018 I was gonna be upping a lot of antes and work, since there's gonna be some big life changes soon.

Since I know a lot of you, like me, are going to have to rethink how your pledge, here are some other venues you can support me at!

  • Ko-Fi, a nice way to tip that I need to remember to jingle around once in a while. 
  • PayPal.me, which is another great tipping option, especially if you live a Very Paypal life.
  • I have some physical goods over on Gumroad, along with a pay-what-you-want paper making digital zine.
  • And, of course, buy my book for yourself or someone you know who would appreciate reading some chosen one fantasy about a mixed kid from a trailer park!

I've gotta figure out what I'm doing, but I can't really stick with Patreon in the long term in good conscience. I'm lucky, I have other avenues in which I get paid, but dang it, I liked the void I shout into being populated by awesome folks who believe in me.

How would/do you like to see process and previews shared? Instagram? The Old Fashioned Blog Post? 

I went to Patreon because it seemed like the easiest and most straightforward (though, whewee, the posting backend of this beast), but honestly I'm down to adapt.