Otherworld Adventure - September 2017
So much for getting home! Wherever this is, it certainly isn't your bedroom. 

At first glance the room seems relatively normal save for the rather large and gnarly skull on the far wall, but upon further inspection it's hardly ordinary. The mattress is hovering over the ground without any sign of a bed to support it, the lamp appearing to be taking root in the nightstand, and even after you rub your eyes several times the painting on the wall to your right still appears to descend ever inwards.

Over the bed hangs a painting of a mountain surrounded by stars and its inverse twin going down into the ground, and a curious fiery glow emits from the base of the lamp. After the darkness of the starscape, the room is almost unbearably bright. 

Looking behind you, there is no sign of the portal that you jumped through, but there is a wooden door at the foot of the bed. The other two walls of the room are bare. A cylindrical object lies at your feet. 

What do you do?

1.  Investigate the contents of the room further, starting with the nightstand. Somebody is living here, and you mean to find out who! 

2. Go through the wooden door, hoping it will take you somewhere less strange... although that hardly seems likely at this point. 

3. Check out the weird painting on the wall to your right and see if that's something that you can jump through. What could go wrong?