Otokoyo Tidbit #2! (page 14)
Stephen is playing a popular arcade racing game called Miami Sunset. Currently it's the most played arcade game in the world, with online ranking and online play. Rankings in the game are determined by number of races and times and top spots are held from colony to colony along with an all-time top score for the entire player base. While arcades aren't as popular on typical residential colonies as they are on hives, Miami Sunset cabinets are pretty much a staple anywhere you would find arcade games. Be that movie theaters or pizza shops. There are televised races and as well as a yearly world cup. Each cabinet typically lasts two years before a new number comes out. As there isn't much room on any colony for real racing, Miami Sunset fills that void for a large fan base. Big name players can have sponsorships and typically a gaggle of fanboys and girls. I myself haven't really designed any popular racers, but it'd be cool to hear some of your ideas!