Our 2016 Music Industry Expo Experience
The music industry expo by Green Kite Records went extremely well! Kataklizmic Design had a vendor booth where we launched our Band Identity service packages. And Katherine Amy Vega (Owner, Manager, Media Artist) was the first of 3 speakers at the event.

We have a couple of photo albums posted to Facebook...

Vendor Booth, Gallery, Marketing Materials: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1278073282244870.1073741892.125469137505296&type=1&l=d511ab6979 

Katherine Speaking: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1278415148877350.1073741893.125469137505296&type=1&l=b11df0812d 

Katherine got a ton of enthusiastic praise for her concert photography from the bands and other attendees. They were a striking visual alongside the stage in Kataklizmic Design's vendor booth, impossible to ignore. Speaker Loren Israel (A&R Consultant for Capitol Records) even did a double-take at a photo as he walked by it in the midst of his speech!

Loren Israel (A&R Consultant for Capitol Records) later tweeted, "you are THE BEST concert photographer next to Zach Burns I have met. Wonderful meeting you". 

She got a lot of positive feedback on the content of her speech, "The Strength of Character it Takes to Succeed As An Artist".

The bands were excited to meet Katherine, and enter our "Band Identity Assessment Giveaway". The winners will be announced soon! 

Burning Hot Events got it's own display, featuring the "front covers" of 6 of our concert reviews!

Our dream team did a fabulous job with Sandy leading setup, Emily lending a hand with setup, Jim shooting candid photos, and Samantha shooting video of the speech! Turns out Debbie was unable to make it out; but the rest of the team was there, and it was magical.

In the future we will be sharing either some, or all of the speech online. To what extent is still to be determined.

We are SO grateful for all of the new relationships and opportunities inside of the music industry that were and will be possible thanks to this event!