Our Artificial Solar System
Perhaps this was not as clear as I had hoped for in the video, allow me to clarify:

The war for the planet Deya happened 153383 years ago, chances are it was destroyed shortly after. The explosion destroyed Deya turning it into the asteroid belt as well as destroying one of Deya's moons Liutitziya (Lucifer) and destroying a huge chunk of Mars's atmosphere. The other of Deya's moons, Fatta, was moved to be Earths moon.

There was a period of three moons on Earth 143007 years ago. A Volhv (druid or priest), has warned the four Races, the Ha'Aryans, the Da'Aryans, Rassen, and Svyatorus that a major cataclysm was going to occur. After heeding the warning, A great migration occured 111823 years ago where the Slavs/Aryans migrated from the northern continent called DaArya (Hyperborea) farther south to avoid sinking with DaArya. The moon Lelya (orbital time of 7 days) was destroyed shortly after the great migration has ended and Lelya being destroyed was the reason for the sinking of DaArya and the Ice Age.

Fast forward a few thousand years, the Atlantean family line built a super-weapon like the Brahmastra depicted in the Mahabharata. The moon Fatta (orbital time of 13 days) was destroyed 13009 years ago causing the sinking of the Atlantean continent as well as causing the flood. This is where the term "Fatal" and 13 being an unlucky number came from.