Our baby girl has arrived!
Hi, everyone!

Ray Dillon here, Renae's husband/inker/colorist/letterer. She wanted me to post a quick update to let everyone know what's been going on.

So, like 2 days after we returned the moving truck, baby girl decided to come early, of course. :P

Everything went pretty well despite the previous health issues. At the moment, though, Renae and our baby Claire are stuck overnight in the hospital for the third time in 10 days trying to get her jaundice to go away again. :( I'm sure she'll be fine, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about her continuing to have problems.

So, that has been a really difficult time for everyone (we're now a family of 6, or 8 if you count furry mouths to feed), but Renae still managed to work on the Lady Powerpunch #1 script and overall series plot! She'll be posting about that as soon as she can. If you have any ideas on how you would like to see writing updates, she's interested in your thoughts.

In the meantime, from Renae, Ray, Tycen (14), Drake (7), Porter (2), and Claire (1 week) ( ... and Molly-grue and Bear who both just meowed at me as I was typing this), THANK YOU for your support, especially during such an important part of our lives both personally and professionally.

Pretty close to Maggie Simpson-level yellow, but still adorable. :)