Our Boat Has Crossed the Atlantic Before - Watch on YouTube!
Hey Patrons!  Something super cool I should have shared with you a while back but this little blonde sailor just recently stumbled across it.  Our boat, s/v Andanza,THE BOAT we will be taking on our crossing has crossed the Atlantic ocean three times already!  Did you catch that?  Three!?   So, she has certainly proven herself, far more than we have.  I believe she's ready for a fourth, no?

Here is a really cool video from the family that owned her previously when they took Andanza on her third Atlantic-crossing (going the southern route to the Caribbean) in 2012.  Enjoy!  Do note at one point she is making way at 17.4 knots with ease.  If we go that fast, this is going to be too short of a trip!

For an update, we got the new windows on the Cat fully re-bedded this past weekend (whew!) so now the boat is finally sealed up once again.  The plan is (knock on wood) to step the mast on Wednesday the 18th then she will head back over to the Navy base (because once that 72' mast it up she cannot make it back under the bridge into Bayou Chico -- it's onwards and upwards then!).  The boat will then stay at the Navy base until we plan to toss the lines on May 28th, weather depending.  I'll try to get a fun video of the window re-bedding to you this week!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We are pedal to the medal here trying to get everything ready in TWO WEEKS for the crossing.  Just two weeks?  Ack!  I gotta get back to work!

Thanks again to all my Patrons who helped with the pre-release read of None Such Like It.  It was humbling how much you all stepped up to help polish my little gem.  All goes as planned (and looks like it should, everything is in the hands of my graphic designer now), she will go live on May 25th.  Hooray!