Our Companions In Health

There are 2 COMPANION plants for mankind on earth... That we have use before our agricultural age of the latest 10,000 years for our complete health.The first is moringa... Its a whole complete food and you can get ALL of your nutritional needs for it....amino acids and proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential oils, enzymes, and fiber, and the highest levels of bio-available antioxidants along with accompanying co-factors in perfect ratios in the natural world. The deliberate destruction of it in its origins of Africa was so great that had it not been spread to other tropical climates, it would all be lost.

The second is marijuana... It's our medicine for the very few times we would need it if we had more moringa for our general use. It's been so bastardized and demonized in the thoughts of modern humanity, and the scope of it's uses is still in its infant stages.For modern man, both can be used as food, oils, soaps, textile fibers, building materials, and fuel. Both are rapid growing and easily replenished and sustainable, able to grow along our tropical greenband without much help and interference. It doesn't have a lot of environmental impact to process these plants for our current modern needs, either.The places that have the highest levels of sickness and disease per monetary unit invested (most western and 2nd world countries) are the places where moringa is virtually unknown and marijuana is trying to crawl from under the rock dumped on it from the global legal systems of the 1950s. Is it a coincidence that BOTH of these plants are not in our backyard and container gardens in the very places that need them the most?