Our first goal reached!!
Hey there, Travelers!

Exciting news! Because of your generosity, The Penumbra has reached its first goal! Amazing! We now have the money to not only support our basic fees, but to start saving up for some equipment to improve our production. We've already looked into a solution for backing up our old files, and we have on our shortlist a sound effects library, some more robust sound editing software, and some materials to improve our "recording studio" (which at the moment is our, um, dining room).

We are completely floored by your support, and could not be more grateful for what you've given us so far. So, again: thank you for helping us keep these crazy stories going.

Our next goal is a big one: we want to be able to start paying our team for their work. Sophie treats sound design for The Penumbra as a full-time job, and we hope to be able to start showing her how much we appreciate that work soon.

So: tell your friends about The Penumbra! Talk about it on Facebook and Twitter! Keep spreading that word, and we'll keep spreading what we can do.

Thanks, everyone.

- Kevin