Our first news report: Nazis and MyAnimeList
Yesterday AniFem reader Reuben Baron got in touch with AniFem editor-in-chief Amelia directly to offer a pitch. However, this was more a news story than a pitch, and Amelia brought in journalist Lauren Orsini to speak with Reuben, investigate his account and write up his experience. 

The result is Anime Feminist's first news article, and we're diving in head first with this exclusive: MyAnimeList drastically edited an anti-Nazi post by a Jewish contributor to make it more neutral towards Nazis. They did not ask his permission to make massive changes, or even inform him. When he asked why this had happened, his editor told him it was in response to a complaint. 

In just three months of public support from readers like you, we have built up the kind of reputation that meant Reuben felt comfortable approaching us to tell his story. Thanks to your continued financial support, we have the funds to be able to pay an experienced journalist to do due diligence, secure comments from the company involved, and prepare a watertight article fast. Your contributions have put us in a position where we can report on and raise awareness of incidents like this. 

We hope that this post will encourage other marginalized anime fans who encounter injustices within fandom to approach us with their stories, knowing that we will handle them professionally and with respect. 

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