Our First Patron Celebration
Yes it has happened, we have our first patron! Thank you so much for being our numero uno. We are honored you found our ventures of value. 

In celebration of this glorious event  we have added a new Podcast to the line up and have done a bit of a cleanup on the podcasts already running. 

Information Podcast   will take you around the globe and on a quest for  Information. Shows include 

  • Information Please 
  • Ports of Call
  • The Pacific Story
  • You Are There
  • Cavalcade of Kings
  • Democracy In America 
  • American Adventure
  • Adventures In Research
  • Living In An Atomic Age
  • The Long John Nebel Show
  • Strange As It Seems

If you have suggestions for other that would fit in here please post them up and I will see what I can do to get them in. 

As always, enjoy the offerings and thank you for your support.