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Our Floating Home in Mallorca [Ep. 92]
We’d completed our first sail in La Vagabonde, about 230nm from La Grande Motte to the Balearic Islands - Spain! The last time we were in Mallorca was in 2014, when we arrived with a broken rudder. We spent weeks working with Gregor (do you guys remember this legend from early on in the videos?) and his mate who was a welder, but also had claustrophobia so he couldn’t actually come down below to do all the measurements himself… so instead he stood outside while Riley climbed into the dark hole, about the size of a mouses house and yelled out the measurements to him. We didn’t have time or energy to explore the island, so it’s good to be back again with a whole different set of circumstances. It’s Rileys birthday!!! Videos made by Elayna and Daniel (starring Riley) xo

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