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Sugar Mountain Trading Company Charitable Mission Statement

It has been a great year for us at Sugar Mountain Trading Co. We feel blessed beyond words that our business is steadily expanding each and every week. So here we sit, before we get to busy, trying to figure out the focus of our future charitable mission and how we will give back to the community on a whole. This hasn’t been an easy process, since our company’s goals are a bit different than others. Because we are not just trying to throw money at a problem, we want to be part of the solution, to a problem.  

Located in Berea, Ky. near the heart of Appalachia, we find in most neighborhoods there are those that can surely use a hand-up for one reason or another. We feel charity begins at home and have given a lot of thought as to how we can help those in need with our products. You see, we want to use our products to help change lives and that’s not so easy to do with soap. So we have been mulling it over and we think we have come up with something.  

We know we would like to be part of healing those in our community. But we realize we can’t help everyone and want to focus on where we could do the most good. And for right now we believe that our focus should be on helping women and children in shelters. It may seem small at first, but if we can help assist these victims of violence to wash away the terrors of their past for just a moment, that would be a start. Maybe help them realize that there is a brighter future before them.

The following is a list of proposed outcomes as we reach our established goals:  

1:  After reaching our first goal we will donate 40 bars of our Oatmeal Honey Soap, on a monthly basis, to a domestic violence shelter near in Mount Vernon, KY.  

2:  After reaching our second goal, we will find several other centers for abused or battered women and children throughout Eastern Ky. and will donate another 80 bars a month. For a total of 120 bars a month.

3:  After our 3rd goal is achieved we will reach out to additional shelters in the area to provide a whopping total of 250 bars of soap a month.

4:  This goal might take a while to achieve, but once it is, we will establish the philanthropy arm of our Sugar Mountain Trading Co. We will be hiring a part-time manager to oversee an Outreach Program. This individual will have three definite responsibilities including finding additional places to donate our soaps, determine new and inventive avenues of aid and promote this Patreon Project.

5:  The fifth and final goal of this part of our Charitable Mission is to fully staff the philanthropy arm of Sugar Mountain Trading Company. We will change the part-time manager position to full-time and hire several employees to help with the program. Then we will reach out to ALL of our patrons and figure out what the next part of our NEW MISSION will be.

This Patreon project will be our charitable indicator. The more people that get on board, the more we will be able to commit to helping change these beautiful lives. So join us and help spread the word! Together we can help wash away the past and start a bright clean future!   

Thank You!

Lisa and Scott

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts