Recently I was advised to start an oil piece, which would be to copy one of the master's work and learn from them. I have taken some time to get my base penciling meticulously accurate. Although it isn't always accurate, I have gotten most of it completed, and have set my dead-line for having it finished by tomorrow afternoon. The following is what has been completed so far from the above original piece, "Our Heritage" by Norman Rockwell:

Here is a close up of the Eagle-scout and the cup scout:

And here is a close-up of the pious George Washington:

Needless to be said, George Washington was a devoutly religious man. His belief pertained to the Episcopalian doctrine, and by his own accounts in his journals, he was daily in the presence of the Lord asking for His help and guidance, and continually praising Him for His goodness to him. I don't know about you, but he reminds me of king David, whom God used to lead His people.

If only we, as Americans, will realize through enlightenment by God, our need for a heart change, and not an amazing new president (like George Washington). Only God can provide such a revival in times like these, so please pray and be ready if God wants to use you for such a task. Especially I, with my perpetually hectic schedule, need to get right with God, and be in daily communion with Him. Only then will He be able to bless and use me for His glory. Join me in putting God back in the place He wants and deserves in our lives; number 1.