Our Lord & Master, Jasper
This is Jasper. I'm pretty sure he started settling there when he figured he naturally belonged in the direction we faced. Never mind the big, noisy box on top. 

Jasper is at least 19. We got him at the North Shore Animal League , where we were absolutely not going to come home with a cat. My old cat Norton has passed away maybe two years before. But in the aftershocks of 9/11, we missed having a furry companion at home and had started talking about adopting a new one. 

But we were not going to get one that night we went out looking. We weren't prepared. We didn't have anything for cats any more - no litter box or litter, no food, no toys. We were just going to look, and find out what costs went with adopting. 

Such a predictable story. 

Jasper has hit the RF time of his life. He's got few teeth left, he's moving a little creaky and stiff. But he purrs like an engine when petted, loves to sit on me while we're watching TV and seems to be using the litter box more or less regularly. 

We've decided no heroic measures for him. He ate the special food for a while, but now he's boycotting it. He wants baby food, some Fancy Feast, and licking the gravy up from those foods with extra gravy. He also loves for me to feed him tiny bits of turkey, chicken or beef from my hand. 

But he has NEVER liked tuna fish. 

Odd, right? Most cats, they hear the can opening or smell it and they're all over you because Food of The Gods and all that. Jasper would sniff at it and back away with that "What is this SWILL?" look cats are so good at.

Today, I was making a tuna sandwich for myself. He came over to see what I was doing and started his schnorring. I reminded him he didn't like tuna, and still, he persisted. So I took the water I'd drained from the can and mixed it up with this morning's baby food, which he had not eaten yet. I figured if he wasn't going to eat it anyway, at least I could show him I had shared the thing he wanted.

He sucked that shit up like a rhoomba on steriods and then came right back to me and started yowling. I think the universal translator might have come up with, "YOU FIEND WHY YOU NO GIVE ME THIS NECTAR ALL MY LIFE YOU ARE AWFUL CAT PARENT GIVE ME MOAR NOW AND NOTHING ELSE FOREVER."

So I gave him more, mixing it up with his food each time, until we were down to a thin paste on his little dish. Then he stalked away, made much fuss over using the litter box and collapsed in exhaustion on my bed, having had a busy morning. 

So every dollar sponsor will now be responsible for either getting him one nice baby food with no corn starch (just meat and meat broth) and/or a can of decent, water packed, dolphin-free tuna. Jasper says thank you. 

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