Our new mission
Our new mission is simple: serving 100 people right. That’s it!

Goals in the likes of “being #1 in the world” or any other truly ambitious goal membership-wise would hinder our rather humble mission-realization spirit.

In an online world where it’s common for sites to have fans in the thousands (or even millions), merely reaching 100 satisfied members is quite achievable.

What does serving a forum user right mean? It means delivering enough “betting entertainment” to keep him or her motivated to come back every month, delivering the right amount of content for him or her to eventually consider becoming a supporter fan or true fan and be cool with sustaining it through time. 

We can realistically support our forum by serving 100 fellow users right, for the long, long run.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$1 or more per month
  • Participate in patron-only polls with weight (binding)
  • Earn the right to enable your Community Supporter badge
Finished-product fan
$9.99 or more per month
Product-oriented tier! You get:
  • LIVE server connection for extra functionality
  • Download our completed PDF/software releases
  • Access special forums for finished-product fans
  • Participate in patron-only polls with weight (binding)
  • The right to enable your Supporter badge
  • Plus any and all of the surprise rewards our finished-product fans get!
Super Fan @ $20
$20 or more per month
Our full-support + product + love-oriented tier... Where you appreciate our efforts to the stars! You get:
  • Real-time updates with special unseen content and goodies for super fans.
  • Early download of beta releases for feedback
  • Drafts of upcoming content
  • Unreleased ALPHA previews (before beta!)
  • Be part of our product-shaping process
  • Download all completed PDF & software releases
  • Access early software & content ideas, even before the initial drafts(!).
  • LIVE server connection, including experimental functionality
  • Behind-the-scenes full knowledge about our sites' internal topics.
  • Right to voice your release suggestions & participate in our surprise releases poll, for super fans only.
  • Our relaxed hidden forums to provide feedback and help steer our community's destiny.
  • The warm and gooey feeling in your heart from sharing our community's love via your enhanced support.
  • Each and every  reward from the levels above plus our love-fueled unique rewards for Super Fans! --You earned it!
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