Our New Patreon!
Well we just kicked off the new Patreon Page and we already have a handful of amazing Patrons! Thank you so much! You are all the best! Let me tell you we have some cool things cooked up for you folks! 

In honour of the new page and first post, We want to give a shout out to our good friend and occasional guest on the podcast: Michael Conrad! He was nice enough to make the wonderful art that each rewards teir has decorating them now! Michael is a a super talented guy and so you should all go give him a follow on Instagram @michaelconrad and check out mysteryschoolcomics.com to keep up on his work and other collaborative efforts! 

We also wanted to ask you potential and possibly already active patrons, is there a reward or rewards that you would like to see? We can always add a new reward level, we just need to know what you folks are looking for?! So drop a message at [email protected] and use Subject "Rewards" so we can check them out ASAP! Thanks again to you all and we will have out very first Patron only post up on Tuesday !


Jef, Josh and Brian

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