Our new SFX composer made this free pack for you!

Jun 18, 2022

We hired a composer for SFXs and he's awesome!

I'm honored to greet in the team the one-and-only Pierrick Veillerobe. He'll be in charge to compose between 25 to 35 SFXs (sound effects) per month, based on the Adventure Theme and what comes through his mind. Exceptionally, this pack is free. It's to show everyone what SFXs are about, but the next releases will only be for Guardians and higher tiers.

We used to distribute about 5 SFXs per month. That's quite a nice update and it's only thanks to YOU! This page is growing well and I have tons of additional ideas to offer once we reach bigger steps. But first, let's read Pierrick's introduction:

I am Pierrick Veillerobe, a composer and sound designer from France. I just joined the team to provide you all with SFX for your best TTRPG sessions! I usually work for video games, but I am really looking forward to working on such a refreshing project. Having the freedom to produce and record a whole bunch of effects each month is a true honor. I hope you will appreciate my work as much as I will enjoy crafting it! Expect some monster growls made out of the voice of Pixel, my 3-year-old Pomeranian and out of some other random stuff. Sound design is like a recipe: recordings are the ingredients and effects are the spices, so try guessing what’s my cuisine made out of, next time you hear it!

His website.

So, that's a french dude speaking about cuisine. How original!

Working at MGS as an artist is simple: you are free to create whatever you want 90% of the time (the only exception is the adventure theme we chose together). In that regard, Pierrick and Filip receive no demand from me (Michael) about what they should compose next. I think when artists are free, they enjoy what they do more and do a better job. Pierrick being a DM for D&D for many years, he'll be able to provide what you expect from MGS: meaningful SFXs that further enhance the experience and immersion of your games.

As you know, we don't want to provide 63 different variations of [Zombie_Attack_Sound], but rather great audio stories.

Speaking about audio, please enjoy his creations.


  • Ship Landing
  • Ship Takeoff
  • Alien Invasion Alert
  • Fight At The Tavern
  • Thief Passing By
  • Deadly Touch
  • Demonic Gates Opening
  • Horse Summoning
  • Magical Tree Growth
  • Mechanical Door







Your opinion is always much welcome! Thank you again for sharing these moments with us!

Michael & Team

PS: The SFX share the same conditions of use than our ambiences and music

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