Our Obstacles become Stepping Stones
"So we look to the North, the South, the East, to the West...

and say Aloha Ke AKua"

Great thanks giving to all of you in this time of spring.  Let's remember to walk in a  good way.  That light bulb lives inside of all of you...finding compassion, integrity, resiliency...swimming upstream to a culture of hope.  

What a beautiful life.  

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It is my honor to provide men and youth outlets to have a safe place to be heard and be fully supported. I am the creator of Sacred Brotherhood, a movement that empowers men to transform and become true leaders


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To learn more, visit our community here: www.calltobrotherhood.com     

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Our Wealth is in our Health. I strive for this every day.  It's not often to come by artists who are consciously taking care of their bodies...I am here to shift that. 

Juicing fresh greens, committing to daily exercises, shopping at local co-ops, connecting to the land and cooking with passion are my fortes.  

And I am here to help you rekindle your connection to yourself and the earth. 


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