Our own Taj Mahal (poem #20)

Wasn't even planning on it

But sitting in a car to drive to the Taj Mahal almost felt more relaxing than walking down the busy Delhi streets

So much honking

So many hawkers

So many touts looking for a schmuck

But truly, we all are just looking for a buck

Looking for love

For salvation

Looking for a cure

To end the constant craving

And when Shah's wife died

During her fourteen birth

He decided to look for a cure to his grief

Pure symmetry of white Indian marble

Inlays of Jasper, carnelian, jade, and onyx

When the moon is full on cloudless nights

The dome shimmers and glows like it belongs in the sky

A monument to a beloved wife

Who requested he not take another

To prove it he brought in 20,000 men

To create this glimmering beauty

I wonder who else lost their lives in the making

And his own son made his move

And sent dad to prison

Who could only then gaze at the Taj til the end

Life can be such a bitch

We can try, we can fail

We can build our own Taj Mahal

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