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Our Week's Work: November 1-7, 2015
As November began, voting also began for Green America's People & Planet Awards for which we are nominated, and we started posting a series of memes explaining why Vegan Street is a good candidate for this award. The one included above describes how easily shareable all of our content is, how often it's shared and how all that is spreading the vegan message (by the way, voting is still open. Please vote for us. If we get enough votes to be in the top three of the ten finalists, we'll win $5,000, which will help us create a lot of new content: ).

We also posted two new Vegan Street Memes: one detailing how slaughterhouse workers are also exploited by companies desperate to cut costs, and the other quoting a new study that found a greatly increased proclivity toward vegetarianism among young adults and teenagers. We also published an essay about how our wonderful community came to the rescue when our tiny kitten disappeared, which also features dozens of great tips for locating lost cats. And we posted a recipe for the delightful Thai dessert, Mango & Sticky Rice, as well as a new HomeEco tip: Make your own Eyebrow and Eyelash Gel.

All of this content, along with hundreds of other memes, recipes, essays and many other works we've created can be found at as well as thousands of social media pages around the world. We are deeply indebted to you and all our loyal Patreon patrons for helping us do this important work. Thank you!