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Our Week's Work - June 14-20
During the week of June 14-20, we created and posted two new Vegan Street Memes -- one that shows how many more chickens have to die to get the same meat as a single cow and a playful way of showing the immense variety of vegan foods. We also posted a powerful essay where we show what the life and passion of a powerful activist and great friend who left us too soon can teach us about how and how much our movement has grown in the last three decades. We also created and posted a recipe for a delightful Indian dish -- Madras Tacos -- as well a recipe for a simple but energizing Ocean Breeze Room Spray. All of these can be found on our website, and all are made possible, or at least a lot easier by the generous support we receive from you, our Patreon patrons. Thank you so much!