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Our Week's Work: July 12-18
On July 14, we produced our 400th Vegan Street meme, which features our designer, John Beske, with some of the 400 reasons to become vegan that we've created over the last two years. Later in the week, our 401st meme is a gentle nod to the little-discussed fact that sharks have a lot more to fear from humans than humans have to fear from sharks. We also wrote and posted a new essay, "How to Offend Vegans Without Really Trying" on our Vegan Street Blog, which describes a tendency of many people to become a little thin-skinned about ideas that challenge their ideas, and how that's been amplified in the age of social media. Plus, we posted a new summer-y Vegan Street Recipe for Blueberry Orange Slushies, and a new HomeEco bodycare recipe for Rosemary-Mint Hair Rinse. All of these, and all of the other 399 memes, more than 100 recipes and dozens of essays, HomeEco tips, interviews, reviews and much more can be found on our website at And as always, an important reason we are able to do all this culture and community building is because we have the support of Patreon patrons like you. Thank you so much!

-John & Marla