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Our Week's Work: November 29 - December 5
During the cusp week of November-December, we posted two new Vegan Street memes: one drawing attention to an issue that needed more of it at the Paris Climate Conference and the other continuing our series of Relis Whose Time Has Passed -- this one focusing on zoos. We also posted a powerful essay called How to Win the Lottery, which has nothing whatsoever to do with those little tickets some people buy at convenience stores, and everything to do with appreciating all of the good fortune most of us don't even realize we've been born into. We also posted a recipe for Curried Spinach and Potato Soup, and we designed and presented two new t-shirt designs just in time for the holidays. As always, we are deeply grateful to our Patreon supporters for helping us be able to spend the time to create all of this work.