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Our Week's Work: November 8-14, 2015
This past week, we created and posted three new Vegan Street Memes. The first is a piece of design work identifying a pure vegan badass (by popular demand, we're currently altering this design to put on a t-shirt, which we'll show off soon), the second is the first in a series we're creating of "Relics Whose Time Has Passed", and the third is a statistical piece that attempts to illustrate the vast numbers of animals who are killed to become our food. We also posted a new 10-Question Interview with The Plant-Based Journey author Lani Muelrath, and a new review of the latest cookbook from the highly prolific Robin Robertson: Cook the Pantry. Plus Robin gave us a great guest recipe for Artichoke Muffaleta Po' Boys.

All of this has now been added to our rapidly growing stack of culture building memes, recipes, essays, interviews, vegan living tips and other content on our website (, social media pages and all over the web. Your support, as a Patreon patron, is integral to help us create all this work and share it with a hungry world. Thanks so much!

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