Happy Sunday, patrons! Here's a glimpse into our workspace... It's a standing desk Jaime adopted when one of the Nickelodeon offices closed, though at the moment we only have a normal-height chair to go with it that we have to power-load with pillows to make it high enough to sit at. (super ergonomic, I know)

    Jaime's  drawing monitor is on the left, and my laptop is on the right... (when I color the comic, I use her old  wacom tablet, not pictured 'cos crowded.)

   The center screen is our shared monitor right at about eye level, with hookups for both of us that we can easily switch between. I got it for my photo and film work (as I needed something very color accurate), but we've adopted it into our setup. We use it for final passes on prints and illustrations...  (and sometimes, as a second monitor for some Netflix to keep us busy while we work ;) )

  It gets pretty cozy, but most of the time we work quite different hours, so we don't end up working side by side too often!