Out of Hibernation

Hello there!

It sure was quiet the last months, maybe too quiet. 

What happened?

Long Story Short: Mighty Mufflon Games needed a break. The IGMC didn't end up in our favour – many things happened that resolved in us not being able to finish our entry. This drained a lot of our willpower and we needed some time to recharge.

We took the time to reorganize and flesh out how we want to present our progress in the future and we decided on the following:

Every second month from now on our team will give you a big roundup about the progress and the development in general. There will be also some little updates from time to time.

We will also show the latest stuff on our Discord whenever something new is finished, as well as work in progress, So go check that out as well!


We also always interested to chat with you!

For everybody who was interested in the IGMC entry (Way of the Spirit):  The concept of this project will not be discarded since we really like it, but first we will concentrate on WINGS OF JUSTICE.

TL;DR: We come out of hibernation with even more GAMEDEV POWER!


STICKER! ( Meticulous Mufflon aka Yumi )

The waving Mighty Mufflon (me) is just one of many!
There will be stickers of our whole team with a lot of different emotes.


PATREON-TIER-IMAGE ( Meticulous Mufflon aka Yumi )

The Early Bird is here!


TITLE! (Mellow Mufflon aka Mijani)

The most important part of the title image of Wings of Justice is finished!


ANIMATIONS! ( Gustavo )

Kenos fire form has a fitting transformation animation now!

This beauty of a beast is ready to defend its territory!


OPTIMIZED SPRITE! ( Manic Mufflon aka Bad Stitches )

He decided to give Elora a new look, 'cause he will also be responsible for many more sprites and even for the enviroment graphics!

There will be even a full animated eight-direction-movement!

But you have to be patient, 'cause he works on his magnificent horror project LONELY at the moment!

After finishing it, he will concentrate on Wings of Justice.

If you want to learn more about his project, just jump on his Discord!

Also important: There will be a big remake of Lonely in the future, but this will take its time.

Stay fuzzy!

Mighty greetings

Your Mighty Mufflon Games team!