Out of Commission
What's the worst thing that can happen to a writer? I used to think it was writers' block but now I know better. It's a compression fracture in your forearm. Now you have a novel idea that you can't lay down in text at will. I have the new novel concept for "One-Bell" sitting in my head and the chapters are piling up, but I have to keep my left arm completely immobilized. I'm so used to being able to pour it out at the speed of thought when it comes. This is pure torture. I'm going to meet an IT friend of mine today to talk about voice recognition solutions. Meanwhile I have a two-week trip to Salt Lake City coming up on Sunday. I was planning a hard-core writing fest in a beautiful secluded location. Now I'm staring at two weeks of very frustrating one-handed pecking instead. Well, I'm still glad for the story concept. It's a really good one as you may be able to tell from the first couple CHs I've posted in the last week. I was almost done with another, but the injury stopped me cold. Going to try to get it done and posted this weekend but not sure how that will go. I'm typing this with my arm in a sling which is a no-no, but I am what I am. I'm being told that there's this arcane device known as a "pen" which could be the answer to my problems. I better stop here or risk other injuries :)