Out of the Mist...
….appeared a plan!  A plan with a production team, rehearsal dates and a recording schedule.

It's been a while since I last posted an update.  I've been lost in the bones of the project.  The great news is that the gig got so big that I ran out of room, got stuck in that weird headspace of being an administrator and a performer, and ultimately I had to reach out for help to bring the project forward.

It's fitting because I started this project as a sort of tribute to the music community.  I thought including a lot of singers made sense because so many musos leave the stage to work in other parts of the industry.  They're still musicians at heart and they shifted to become the label reps;  techs back stage, front of stage and on the consoles; the admins behind the desks, phones, and spreadsheets; the folks behind the bar, in the kitchen, at the front of house, at the door, and in the box office; designers, builders and lighting pros; the writers; the stylists; the photogs and videographers; the DJs and VJs;  bloggers, the promoters, the publicists and hosts; all the people who have dedicated their work to making music happen.  As I said, it's fitting: I can only make this project happen with the help of the people I'm thanking.   The musicians at heart.  Cool.

So, now along with me and the songs, there's the core vorchestra (the corechestra?!), a percussionist, an instrumentalist, a growing guest list of interested singers, a project coordinator, a social media coordinator, a graphic artist, a stage designer, a gopher, a live recording engineer, and the venue for four open rehearsals and three live concert recording nights. 

Here's a list of who's who so far:

Core Vorchestra:  Elana Harte, Kim Jarrett, Tory Cassis

Vorchestra:  TBA

Percussionist:  Cheryl Reid

Multi-Instrumentalist: Yawd Sylvester

Project Coordinator:  Lauren Atmore

Social Media Coordinator:  Social More Media, Joe Cornelisse

Graphic Artist:  David John Shaw

Stage Designer:  Sheila Wolicky

Gopher:  Owen Packham

Live Recording Engineer:  James Paul, The Rogue Music Lab

Rehearsals and Recording:

Open Rehearsals 2pm-5pm: Saturday April 15, Sunday April 30, Saturday May 13, and Saturday May 27, all leading to...

Three Nights of Live Concert Recording: Sunday May 28, Monday May 29 and Tuesday May 30

Venue: The Social Capital (154 Danforth Ave, Toronto, 3rd floor above the Black Swan)

That's a lot of new information, right?  Dang right!

What's next?  Singers, singers, singers - come forth!  Declare your availability and intention….I need you.

Thank you,