Out running lightening
I just had the pleasure of driving across this country. The US is huge and full of amazing places. As much as I love getting out of the country I never pass up the chance to drive.

I stopped at two of my favorite parks to hike and camp. Bryce and Zion.

At Bryce I was out on a long hike, 8 miles down into the canyon, back up and out along this never ending ridge you see in the picture.

In the high desert the weather can change in an instant. It was sunny and blue sky's when I set out. But I started hearing thunder and seeing lightening.

It started to rain and I thought "ok at least it's soft rain". Not two seconds later it turned to hail!

I got COLD and the hail got big. Then the lightening got close and I was on a ridge with no where to hide.

My thoughts turned to survival. Where can I hide, nowhere. Where can I stop to rest, nowhere. Ok then. I'm at 8,000 ft elevation. It's hard to breathe and the lightening is striking right next to me. If I stop I become a target. So I didn't stop.

I'm glad to be alive. Sore, in pain. A knee that reminded me of how much I've pushed my body in this lifetime. And that feeling reminds me I'm alive.

What's reminded you that you are here, alive, to live?!