Out Running a good time!
Hey all, here's your mid-April Patreon update. Lots going on this month!

1. Loads of new reviews. I'm in full review mode this month playing through stacks of old games and some new ones too. This month we're getting CGR HYPER MK3 reviews of Shinobi for Mark III, Another Century's Episode 2, Muramasa Rebirth for Vita, Pole Position and Typo Attack for Atari Computer, Pitfall and Atlantis for Intellivision, Senran Kagura for PS4 and Smurfs for Atari 2600... just to name a few I'm also playing Kwirk, Lock n Chase and Starfy 3 on Game Boys.

1.5. I hope you didn't miss the ad-free HYPER Reviews of Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch, Sleeping Dogs, Fantasy Zone, Out Run, Narc and more here on Patreon!

2. New website. Behind the scenes I've been using a site builder to create a new site to efficiently connect the CGR universe. There will be good information on the Patreon perks for newcomers, and the benefits of subscribing like Hyper reviews, ad-free, secret videos and a pleasant comments section. There will be links to the new web store, my Kindle store, youtube, social media and more.

3. New CGR products! I'm designing new shirts, graphics and logos for Classic Game Room,  Disco 8-Track and Magnum Skywolf. I'm looking at CafePress and a few other options for shirts, glassware and mugs for production and fullfillment. I'm hoping to launch the new sites at end of month.

4. Comic book reviews of Lando, Biomega 2, Ultraman 2, Archie vs. Predator and more!

5. I'm recording the new CGR 2085 podcast next week on why 80's cartoons, robots and The Galaxy Rangers are the best and why the future will never be the same without Saturday morning cartoons. New ringtones and doodles are also in production.

And more!! I recorded a few beers reviews and new Drawing with Lord Karnage videos too. Having a great month.

I also adopted an Arcadia 2001 game system with wood grain and a MSX2 computer. Loads of new PC-Engine stuff and LCD games too. Thank you for subscribing to CGR on Patreon, spread the word to others and let's keep CGR running full speed ahead! EDF EDF EDF!!!!!


Tier Benefits
CGR Trooper
$2 or more per month
CGR Trooper: You support Classic Game Room! Thank you for funding CGR production. CGR Troopers get Classic Game Room 2085! Every show, every update, every commentary. It's all here. International and in space, CGR Troopers rule the universe!
CGR Secret Ninja Warrior
$5 or more per month
CGR Secret Ninja Warrior: In addition to CGR Trooper rewards, you get super secret ninja skills! What can you do with those skills? Play more Vectrex (of course.) Thank you so much for being a CGR Secret Ninja Warrior!
CGR Elite Robot Ninja
$10 or more per month
CGR Elite Robot Ninja: You support Classic Game Room big time, thank you. Elite Robot Ninjas have lasers and reflective mirror armor which makes them even more powerful than secret ninjas. Also, it's hard to be secret with mirror armor.
CGR Immortal Assassin
$25 or more per month
CGR Immortal Assassin:  Wow, thank you! You are one of the galaxy's greatest beings! Your assassination skills are immortality and good taste in Atari games. You are powerful, especially when playing Yars' Revenge. THANK YOU!
Pledge $50 or more per month
CGR Supreme Overlord: For each month that you back this reward level you get an exclusive, custom, signed, digital doodle from Mark Bussler featuring CGR characters like Lord Karnage, Heyzoos or custom vans, space ships, video game consoles and monsters (to arrive the month following your pledge). Digitally signed and emailed to you, this is the ultimate in CGR wallpapers! Includes previous tier rewards.
CGR Lord Karnage Club
$100 or more per month
CGR LORD KARNAGE CLUB: Booya! The universe kneels before your magnificence. In addition to all previous tier rewards, for each month that you pledge this level you'll get your name scrolling in the credits at the end of Classic Game Room 2085 reviews. THANK YOU! You also get previous rewards and a monthly doodle!
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