Out with the Old, In with the New
Hey Patrons!

First, thank you for your contributions! It really does make a huge difference on my ongoing pursuit of podcasting dominance in the glutted marketplace of ideas!

Second, I have three more episodes of season two of Peculiar Journeys — Episode 24 features my family at Christmas telling stories at the dinner table, Episode 25 is a re-broadcast of a live interview I did back in 2015 with the Metro's Joe Shanahan and the amazing Henry Rollins and Episode 26 will be my sharing what I have learned in my 52nd year on the planet (it drops two days after my birthday, so it seemed appropriate.)

The third season will contain two changes: it will go back to a weekly episode and it will break down into two kinds of shows thematically. Tales of My Tattoos (each has a story) and a trip down memory lane as I walk you through the history of Off Loop theater in the Nineties from the vantage of a producer/creator in that decade.

In between seasons, I'll be sending out flash drives with both the first and second season on them and will be announcing the publication of my fourth book "Belief is a Sledgehammer" set to launch on Amazon in March.

Thanks and have a tremendous beginning to 2018 — 2017 was a bit rough but I believe this year can only get better!