Outbreath. Three new books.
Breathing out. My previous Patreon update was way back in May. Updates have been on the back-burner since I was maxed out in preparing to teach 6 classes about the Threefold Republic Idea. Which I did - this past week I was at Thoreau College in Wisconsin. I showed up, and brought the Threefold Idea as strongly and as deftly as I was able. Thank you to the 29 patrons for your support, which allowed for me to do that.

What else?

Since the last update, I've written three books:

1) Golden Path—Clearing a pathway to anthroposophy's Second Wind and to a Reimagined World

2) Original Peoples of the Driftless

3) Threefold Ark: A Book of Pictures

The latter two books are essentially my 6 Wisconsin presentations in book form.
There are free PDF versions here (link).

You're welcome to have a look.