Outlander Library Released
Welcome Everybody, 

Today we're going to make a big step forward towards the full release of Outlander.  We're not there yet, but I've decided there wasn't use in waiting much further.  Here's the current asset library of 1500 meshes and textures, filled with all sorts of clutter and kits that have been under lock until today.  (Note: 500 more are still under development and will be released later.)

The Outlander Library v2017.06.17 should have the majority of the new loose content.

All meshes, textures, and sounds can be used for any Morrowind mod; provided that you give a link back to the archive download page in the description and your readme.  So that others can discover and access the same tools.

Thanks everyone whose contributed over the past year.  It's nice to feel like this thing's actually making some progress forward and I'm happy getting this out to everyone.  I'll have a full trailer detailing the release in a day or two but I thought I'd sneak this one under the radar for those of you who have been following development closely.  You guys rock, and I hope I'll be back to streaming real soon.

Because right now hanging out with everyone is my chief motivation, and I'd love to get the Outlander ESM to a relatively finished state so that streams can become more common and casual.  Anyway, enough talk.  I hope you guys enjoy.

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