The Outlaw of Torn episode 73 layouts
Hi Everyone!  for this post, I give you The Outlaw of Torn Episode 73 layouts.

in this episode, the Conversation between The old man of torn, De Vac, and Father Claude continues. 

Thomas Simmons writes:


Episode 73


Captioned text: “Priest,” says the old man. “You know thy ways with my son are not to my liking. He has wasted much time away from swordplay to learn the useless art of letters.” 

Action: See captioned text. 

PANEL 2 – DAY (continuous)

Captioned text: He has never been other than an outcast. What greater hopes can you have engendered in him, other than to be hated and feared by his enemies? It may be years, but as sure as there’s a devil in hell Norman of Torn will swing from a gibbet.”  


PANEL 3 - DAY (continuous)  

Captioned text (split): “I can only guess at your reasons for devoting your life to ruining his,” the priest answers. “And what I guess I dare not voice. But let us understand each other once and for all.”


Captioned text: “Every blight and curse you try to place upon his nature, I will do all in my power to reverse. You have been his bad angel - I shall be his good angel. And if his fate is to swing from a gibbet, there will be more who mourn him than curse him.”

PANEL 4 - DAY (continuous)  

Captioned text (split): “Be your aim revenge or the natural bent of a cruel mind, I know not…”


Captioned text: “…but if anyone is accursed because of the Outlaw of Torn, it will be you. I do not believe a single drop of your debased blood flows in him thou callest son.”  

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