Our goal is the same as it always is and always will be. Find the stocks with the most bullish options pricing. In order to accomplish this goal, we have harvested and curated a ton of options data from 4 sources with the aim of delivering a solution with confidence. 

The robust anomalies we measure are the effective costs of calls minus that of puts. These two costs are generally equal, and we want high values. Next, we measure the effective costs of both calls and puts with respect to their historical norms. These are also generally equal, although the relation is looser. We also want high values here.


What stocks show consistency across the 4 sources?

This week, there is some consistency, with 1 stock showing up.




This list does not qualify as or represent advice. It is presented solely and explicitly for educational purposes. Readers should validate this list by checking their own data feeds via their favorite websites. NetNet Volatility is not formally recommending these stocks to buy, yet we may or may not own or buy / sell them ourselves. We never engage in front-running (buying before posting this content) and do not pursue pump-and-dump market manipulation. Please be careful in the market. It only takes one mistake to lead to financial ruin. Financial markets are largely random and carry latent, indefinite risks. Exercise caution.

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