The poster says it all. You wonderful, crazy people, supporting a strange illustrated gamebook grown out of a mishmash of arty comic books, post-modernist sociology cross-polinated with brutalist architecture, and slow, doomy metal riffs!

Thank you so much.

How shall we celebrate?

I mean, besides the update that's nearly done, right.

Yours: Luka


#1 - release a special, limited edition remix of the Purple Worm Dungeon
#2 - show us the UVG Tarock deck already
#3 - stop it! Finish this book first!
#4 - tease us with the Book of Heroes and the character generator for dentists, biomancers, and lightning channelers!


PS - and maybe you missed it, but a while back I remixed all the misfortunes that can happen on the road (well, the first 18 stops or so) into a single list:

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