Over 1000 miles ridden this month so far
The goals have been reached as planned. The first hard goal that I had wanted to accomplish was 400 miles in 1 week in which I actually done it last week and this week. The next goal was to ride 1000 miles in a single month, as you can see by the image I've reached this goal too, what's next?

The goal now is from this coming week onward to ride 480 miles every week minimal in which I plan to stream 90% of the rides via Zwift on our Twitch Channel. Here is the schedule for stream. I also found out some pretty epic stuff tonight, let me fill you in.

Zwift has Zwift Academy where they select riders to endorse to take them to pro level, it's endorsed by SRAM, Canyon, Specialized, Cliff, Roka and Wahoo. This is just one of the possibilities as I progress in strengthening my legs for long distance and longer time on my bike.

Now Im going to focus on reaching the 480 miles a week goal while we move forward growing our Twitch Channel and see if the month of July ends up with 1920 miles by the end of it, fingers crossed. Huge thanks for the support and we will see you Monday on the stream bright and early.