Over 7500 Cartel Coins for my Patrons this month!
January 2016 is to be (eventually!) my biggest and most successful month since I started my Patreon campaign. I have reached the biggest number of Patrons yet *(15) and all the pledges are going to serve for Hardware and Production quality upgrades. 

The website still hasn't finished processing, but I expect 14 pledges to go through and 1 to not (that one has been denied for months, not sure why).

According to the tiers and pledges, my calculations show that I am to give away rewards in the amount of 7500 Cartel Coins this month! And that's only for you, guys!

On a separate note, I have another 6000CC from the Monthly Giveaway and the final 1000CC from the "Desk Tour in Pictures" Game that ends tomorrow. As a result of this, the total sum estimated to land on my CC pool is 14500 Cartel Coins given away in January 2016!!!

Well, not bad, mm! I owe it all to the people who use my Referral links. Currently my balance is ~34k and it seems I will pull out nearly half of it in the coming days. :)))


Please, be patient and give me all the required and most detailed information when I start sending you PMs about your own tiers. It should happen in the next 2-2 days, as soon as Patreon finishes the charging process.