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The Overhauled Character Sheet
First, an announcement: over the next few weeks I'm going to be overhauling the Patreon. Instead of exclusively posting draft chapters, I'm going to be focusing on more diverse content such as short fiction, showcases of various aspects of the setting (such as deities, factions, and specific NPCs), and showcases of specific mechanics and additions to the game.

The new character sheet: this is a mock-up character sheet representing the changes to the game in the latest (ongoing) overhaul.

Roughly half the sheet has been given over to fiction details and notes about the character's Upbringing, Apprenticeship, and Reputation. These are phases of constructing a character's background and deciding what skills they will focus on.

Skills have been changed a little bit. Fighting has been divided into Fighting and Archery. Toil has been divided into Toil and Craft. Faith has been divided into Doctrine and Heathenry. Occult has become Rune Lore. Footwork has been added. Inquiry and Skulduggery have both been removed. Specializations are gone (bye!). Some of the most exciting changes to the skill system aren't readily visible on the character sheet! But, that's a topic for another post.

The game's core attributes have been changed to represent personality traits instead of more traditional, simulationist traits.

Test Dignity when an action depends on a character's respectability or appearance thereof.

Test Guile when an action depends on noticing or intuiting hidden details.

Test Passion when an action depends on forcing one's will on another.

Test Wyrd when an action depends on the belief that one is subject to the whims of higher or otherworldly powers.

Next post we'll go over some changes to the game's core resolution mechanic, and the ways a character can meddle with fate!

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