There will be more things to come in the near future from  my YouTube channel and OvertimeEntertainment.com. I am very open to suggestions for specific software application and tutorial requests. I am also anxious to meet other creators here on Patreon as well as interacting with valued patrons. Due to my current full time position as a software developer my time is somewhat limited, but who knows what the future will hold.

We will be ordering additional OvertimeEntertainment merchandise (soon) to offer as incentives. Currently there is not enough in stock to give items away.

*Current projects:
-http://biotrending.com - Trending and tracking of biological statistics. Adding support for data tracking from remote sensors.
-http://fallya.com- A humorous complaint site where you can simply vent your frustrations.  New graphics coming soon.
-http://adayinit.com - Online comic strip created in Blender.
-YouTube educational videos on c# software coding.

I will be offering patrons direct access to pre release software, additional support was well as possibly offering patron specific software builds and or features.

* Listed in order of current priority.

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