Overwatch Archetypes and Magic Items
One of the things I did this month instead of what I was supposed to? Five new archetypes and ten new magic items for use in any campaign setting! That sure is a lot! It helps that they're all conversions of the characters and items of Overwatch, which is an absolutely splendid video game. I try to look for inspiration for my roleplaying games from every source possible, and boy there sure is a lot of it here. I might even alter a few of these for use in my personal campaign setting or DM's Guild release.

Included inside:

* The Potion Sniper, an archetype meant for use with the Unearthed Arcana Artificer!

* The College of Rhythm, for the Bard!

* The Way of Balance, for the Monk!

* The Time-Thief, for the Rogue!

* The Reaper Patron, for the Warlock!

* Ten new magic items, including the Fisherman's Hook, the Snow Maiden's Crossbow, and the Vulcan Hammer!