Overwatch - MVG: Most Valuable Genji [10/9/2016]
So, I think the issues causing OBS to crash is because my power supply isn't supplying enough power to keep the CPU at acceptable heat levels while running OBS, Overwatch, and my new monitor all at once. I'll need to get a better one post-haste. It's a real shame, too, because I had a good set of games with a few swell chaps but the recording failed partway through.

Anyways, I chat with some guys about my username, we get thrashed in the first game and rage-quitting abounds, and then we barely squeak out a victory in our second because of our Most Valuable Genji, DennisThaGod.


Lowlights (0:00) - Lijiang Tower (Attack|Crushing Defeat) - Soldier: 76

Match 1 (4:10) - Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Attack|Victory) - Mercy