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Overwatch's Tracer
Finally...I've completed with that awesome fan-art and oh boy, it took long time with Photoshop because it required precise and effort with brushes, colors, and shapes for logo. I think I have no other issue to detect, except I noticed a little cut off on Tracer's shoe at the bottom, Oops. But I have no time to edit it, so I'll leave that be. It's hardly to noticed anyway.

I also will post it on DeviantArt in few minutes, because I think it will be worth to check out my fan-arts and stuff, and of course, feedback are still open. :)

So. I'm pretty much done with fan-art (for now) and will be starting to brainstorm of my next 4-koma comic, and it will have a different look! I'll get in touch with you soon. Cheers!

- S.S. Efren