We all knew from the beginning that one day the powers that be would be coming one day. That day was yesterday.  Yesterday I was approached by a member of the Overwolf team who essentially told me I could either join them by embedding WowUp into their framework or stop using the CurseForge API.

Nothing has been finalized yet, but I can guarantee there will be no embedding of WowUp into the Overwolf platform, that is the entire reason WowUp was created. 

What does this mean for the app?

Well, as I am sure many of you can guess the CurseForge API accounts for over 90% of installed addons at this time. So unfortunately if Overwolf does decide to kick us off their API entirely most addons will not be updated through them. 

This post is unfortunate in timing but the plan was always to separate from them at some point but that day just came sooner than hoped. 

What's next?

I completely understand that you signed up for an app that just worked out of the box for all your addon needs without the ads. That will no longer be the case for the time being and I thank you for what your support was able to create. WowUp will not be quite as useful as it was before, but I have been and will continue working on my replacement for CF using a community/developer focused approach just like the app. Most of the top used addons are already available outside of Overwolf and I would like to tap into that.

Creating our own source for addon updates could be a step up from what we currently get from CF, such as Patreon/funding links out of the box, change logs built in, easy use for developers on their already existing workflows so no major migrations. 

Again, I understand if you would like to pull your support as the app likely wont do what you signed up for depending on the outcome with Overwolf, but im still happy to work on an alternative if the people want it.


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